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About Dr. Loren

Dr. Loren Allard is a chiropractor that specializes in women’s health. Loren carries her passion for creating greater awareness and connection in the body to all of her work with women.


When Dr. Loren was introduced to chiropractic, she knew, this was her path to sharing her gift of healing with mothers and their families. 


She is inspired to help others connect to the innate wisdom that is in all of us. She does this through a gentle form of chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis that empowers the nervous systems capacity to heal, energize and connect.



"I am so grateful for Loren and her help with my son. After my second was born my husband and I noticed he was having a hard time swallowing his saliva and was grunting a lot without having a bowel movement. As a pelvic floor therapist I have knowledge about the gut and suspected something was amiss. When Loren came to our house she instantly saw his spine with crooked, which we suspect was from not having a lot of space in the womb. She used extremely gentle techniques allowing his body to rebalance. After one session we saw almost immediate results and it was clear after a follow up how much her work helped. He was having regular BMs and was no longer making uncomfortable sounds at night. So we all were getting better sleep! I can't recommend Loren enough for how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable she is."

~Ryan Bailey
Expecting Pelvic Health

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