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Belly & Womb Bodywork 

With the intention to bring your body home, this bodywork is a sacred tending to your feminine physiology. Guided by awareness and the deep wisdom of each body, belly and womb bodywork is an intimate hands on approach to awakening your most full functioning, vibrant, healthy, fluid and nourished system. In each session, we embark on a journey home to the profound bond with your physical vessel.

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a hands on belly and womb approach to encourage your body to come home

we connect with your digestive and reproductive system through fascial tissue tending and organ alignment to invite softening, opening, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, support your hormones and regulate your nervous system

guided by touch to realign, support and remember the innate blueprint of your body

This work supports:

  • painful menstruation 

  • preconception and postpartum support

  • scar tissue/adhesion healing 

  • hysterectomy healing

  • miscarriage and abortion support

  • pelvic tension

  • endometriosis/uterine/ovarian/cervical fibroids/cysts/polyps 

  • nervous system regulation

  • abdominal/digestion and organ inflammation and alignment 

  • irregular cycle and hormone balancing

  • fertility challenges

  • uterine alignment 

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Gold Simple Elegant Client Testimonial Instagram Post (Instagram Post).png
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