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Your body ALWAYS has the answers. Through deep listening and embodiment work, we work together to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.  Getting out of the brain and into the body is an opportunity to shift patterns and the discomfort of un-metabolized experiences. Through the powerful process of bringing light to buried emotions, you are aided in releasing what weighs you down.

Through this experience you'll learn to slow down, release, and reconnect with your true expression. Each session includes deep listening, embodiment practices, and breathwork.

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Pregnant? Now what? Bombarded with external information? Through embodiment coaching and total mama support, we'll find your true north through this incredible experience. 


This is a critical time to connect with your body and explore what messages it's giving you.  As you make decisions about birth and preparing for baby - I'll be with you the whole way.

This is a completely personalized offering - let's connect to see how you want to be supported. 

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Role modeling emotional range and regulation with our children is a key part of parenting. However, it is very challenging to do when your cup is empty.  Through embodied practices and deep listening you are supported to be comfortable and relaxed in your own body so you can teach this to your children through transmission.  Being with our bodies and slowing down helps our connection with ourselves and our children.  Increasing our ability to be present can shift the more challenging dynamics when life feels overwhelming.

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